Our Story

LAMEEKU’s mission — to make your life more convenient
Today, mobile phones have become a inseparable communication tool .
More and more companys have entered the field of phone case,but they have never really studied designing a product that can make people’s lives more convenient besides protecting.
In a short-distance exit scene,people must carry their mobile phones, cash, cards, keys, other paper certificates etc. In addition, They must carry bags to load everyday objects that must be carried. 80% of women complain short-distance travel problems because they not only need to carry a big purse, but they may also have other objects. Their hands cannot rest.
The LAMEEKU founders decided to launch the company in 2016, focusing on the wallet case segment. The brand is called LAMEEKU.

Why Choose LAMEEKU?

LAMEEKU products are made by manufactured by leading design companies with leading manufacturers! LAMEEKU adhered to the "Simple" 、"Daily life" and "Efficiency". Our products are unique in design and combine both function and style.We provide users with Simpler way for Daily life,high quality of products and high-Effective service.

LAMEEKU is the sole authorized seller of authentic LAMEEKU products (other than Amazon) on the Amazon platform. Offers from other sellers are scamming attempts, counterfeit products or unauthorized reselling. To ensure your complete safety and the excellent service we strive to give our customers, please avoid purchasing from other sellers.