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                                      LAMEEKU Brand Ambassador Form
 LAMEEKU is looking for Brand ambassadors to try out new product, give reviews and post about the brand on social media. By becoming a Brand Ambassador, you get the chance to be featured on our social media and receive free gift!
If you want to become our brands biggest supporter and get free gift, then check out the requirements below.
- Must have an active social media presence (Instagram, Twitter,YouTube, Facebook)
- Following of 50 or more on Instagram
- Must post in English
- Post about your LAMEEKU product on social media.
- All Instagram and Twitter posts must tag @Lameeku both in the photo and caption as well as include #LAMEEKU.
- Provide us with internal productive feedback on the product provided, reviewing the wear & tear, functionality, overall comments, and suggestions.
- Receive gift or your choice for free.
- Be recognized as an LAMEEKU Brand Ambassador for a three-month term (duration is subject to change).
- Have the chance to be featured on some of LAMEEKU’s social media platforms.

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