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Valentine's Day Gifts

Valentine's day is coming,do you have a gift for your partner? If not,please check out the gift list from LAMEEKU official customer service team Lisa.

1.DIY Chocolate.
Chocolate is a timeless classic for Valentine’s day gift.DIY is popular now,you can personally make a unique chocolate for your sweetheart,let him taste the sweetness and feel your heart.
$28.99 -Check it now.

Roses represent passion and romance, encounter with you is the most beautiful memory of my life, you are so precious and unique, please accept my romance and true feelings.

3.Couple Jewelry.
For example couple ring,couple bracelet,couple necklace,couple earring...The moral is "we are a compatible couple".
$36.78-$39.00 -Check it now.

4.Cell Phone Case.
This is the age of the mobile Internet,everyone can not leave their cell phone at all times,give her (him) a cell phone case,always be there for her.
$9.99 -Check it now.

iphone 6/6s wallet case, check it now on.
iphone 6 plus/6s plus wallet case, check it now on.
iphone 7/8 wallet case, check it now on.
iphone 7 plus/8 plus wallet case, check it now on.
iphone X wallet case, check it now on.
Samsung S8, check it now on.
Samsung Note8, check it now on.

5.Anker Portable Charger.
Give her (him) security, the phone is always full of electricity, 24 hours to stay in touch.
$39.99 -Check it now.


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